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Our Philosophy

The focus of Gospel Project's program is participation, not winning.  Although we believe competition is healthy for this age group, and excellence, the pre-requisite for winning, is to be strived for, having fun and enjoying the game is what our program is all about.  Undue pressure from the adults can spoil the game for the children, and this we do not want.  We suggest that those parents and/or coaches who are overly concerned about making a star athlete out of their child and that are primarily concerned about winning find another program for their child.


Ages 3.5 to 15

MARCH through JUNE

(register Jan-Feb)


Kindergarten to 6th Grade


(registration opens May)


Ages 4 to 12

SEPT. through NOV.

(register August)


Our primary goal is to use athletes for the purpose of developing Christian character through the opportunities that sports activities provide.  Some of the things we feel are important and that can be developed through a properly managed sports program are:


  • Obedience to properly constituted authority. Learning to listen, and giving your best effort is far more important than the final score.

  • Working together with others in a team effort, rather than being an individual star, is important throughout  life.

  • Learning not to quit when you mess up, but getting up and trying again.

  • Learning to play wherever the Manager or Head Coach directs, rather than where you wish to play.

  • Being faithful to practices and games.  Not letting the team down.

  • Being on time for games and practices.

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