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Registration online opens July 29.

In person registration opens August 3.

Big Kick

$160 per player, $150 each additional player

Game Schedules will be posted here and distributed when they become available.

Thank you for supporting the youth in our community!


The Youth Athletic Club has been offering youth soccer to the Milton community since 1992. We average about 450 participants each season.  We would appreciate your company’s support by sponsoring a GPYAC soccer team. Gospel Projects Youth Athletic Club in Santa Rosa County has proven its efficiency and effectiveness as a responsible youth program.  Many of our coaches and other volunteers are leading citizens in our community and assist in promoting a wholesome atmosphere for children and parents.

A Team Sponsorship provides jerseys and shorts for all the children on a soccer team as well as jerseys for the team's coaches.  Your company name will appear on the backs of all the jerseys.  Your business name will appear in a special patronage bulletin distributed at mid-season. We also have the options to buy a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Level Program Sponsorship. Thank you for your support!

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Fall Soccer Program: About


  • Do not coach the team players, including your own, from the sidelines during the game.

  • Respect the judgment of the referee and do not criticize officials. You may have the belief that your opinions are (1) accurate, (2) incisive, and (3) worthy of communicating loudly so everyone else can hear them. However, the referees are not going to make any changes in response to your bellows from the sideline. We are making a valiant effort to have our players learn to respect authority. BE A ROLE MODEL!

  • Supportive parents focus on mastering soccer skills and game strategies.

  • Believe that soccer's primary value is to provide youth an opportunity for self-development.

  • Soccer games are full of mistakes, and the team that makes fewer mistakes generally wins the game. They are still our kids — professionals! Even the pros make mistakes, but pros are paid to be able to take the criticism and know that it is aimed at their play rather than themselves as persons. Kids goof, Refs goof and Coaches goof- let us deal with and learn from the mistakes. Comments directed to players especially to the other team need to be positive!

  • Communicate with the coach and create a positive, supportive working relationship.

  • Understand and respect the different roles of parents and coaches.

  • Control negative emotions and think positively.

  • Avoid the use of fear. Player development is rarely fostered by fear of the consequence of failure. Players who have fun continue to play. Keeping players interested in soccer in a great way to keep them busy.

  • Realize that this is still a game. Despite the fact each player's family has invested time and money in soccer and are hoping that soccer will help pay the college bills, it is just a game. If your child does not enjoy it, they will not play well — and maybe not play at all. Ask yourself if what you do at games and practices helps your player have fun and enjoy the game or adds pressure and worry. Ask yourself after the game if watching two teams of beautiful, talented, fit and eager young children was fun for you? If you found yourself criticizing, carping, upset and unhappy — remember that there is enough pressure and stress involved with making a living and guiding your family through the challenges of modern life. Forget the calls, forget the score, and forget the standings. Give your kid a hug and tell them that you love them and be thankful for every day you share with them because they do not stay young very long.

  • Help when asked. Gospel Projects YAC is trying to provide a great atmosphere for both you and your player while participating in the game of soccer. The coaches are volunteering to help your player be a better player. Keep these things in perspective and you will have a memorable time this fall.

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