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-Never leave your child unattended.  YAC is not a baby sitting program.
-Do not bring alcoholic beverages to the premises!  Violators will be subject to expulsion.
-Profanity and vulgarity are strictly prohibited.
-Support your child's coach.
-Our park is tobacco free.  Those that have to smoke or use tobacco, please go to your personal vehicle to do so.


-No alcoholic beverages permitted on YAC premises, or at team parties during or after the season.
-Tobacco use in ANY form is forbidden while working with youth.
-Profanity and vulgarity are strictly prohibited.
-Remember, you are to coach all the children on your team.  Teach excellence, teamwork, participation, and winning will take care of itself.
-Practices should be held on the campus of Gospel Projects YAC for insurance purposes.

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