2017 Tee Ball World Series Home



Click the blue links below to print necessary forms. Fill out and return to front office of Santa Rosa Christian School.

1) Franchise Form fill out and return with check covering fees of $25.00 per local league team by May 1st.

2) Registration Form copy enough forms for each league team in your program, fill out and return to Tee Ball Baseball no later than June 1st. These forms may be faxed to us at 850-623-9559 or emailed to sports (at) youthathleticclub.org.

3) Tournament Affidavit Forms 4&5 Year Olds  5&6 Year Olds(pg2) fill out and have notarized for all tournament teams including Tee Ball World Series and Four and Five Year Old Tournament teams. Bring these affidavits with you for the 7:00 PM Credentials Meeting on Friday, June 9, 2017 at Gospel Projects Park.

The Tee Ball World Series will be held Thursday, June 15th through Tuesday, June 20th at Gospel Projects Park.

This year's Four and Five Year Old Tournament will be hosted by Navarre Ballpark Friday, June 23rd through June 27th .

Here are some other important reminders:


Please note change in the Tee Ball Rulebook on page 13, rule II. B. All star teams can be chosen now across leagues.
-All Franchised Tee Ball Leagues may use any manufacturer of a RIF 5 oz. Level 5 white ball. This ball will be used in both end of season tournaments.

-Participation in any tournament involving an all-star team or culled players from local league teams not sanctioned by Tee Ball Baseball prior to the Tee Ball World Series and Four and Five Year Old Tournaments may result in LOSS of Tournament privileges.

-The 2017 Tee Ball Rule Book is available for download HERE.


FORMS: Franchise Application   Affidavit 4-5   Affidavit 5-6  Player Registration